Write Your Story

MyBlueIsBlue-CCbanner01Write Your Story in 2015

Because your story needs to be told, I created my personalized, six month writing workshop

This workshop is for writers and non writers who have some ideas but aren’t quite sure how to get started or how to stay on track.

“Write Your Story” Six Month Writing Workshop Agreement                                                          Enrollment is now open!


The 6 month workshop will include:

  • 30 minute initial conversation to develop your idea (done via phone, Skype, in person)
  • One on one assignments and assistance with content, flow, editing and publishing (done via email, Google docs)
  • Access to a private Facebook group where workshop participants can meet and discuss their progress
  • Insight on how I wrote and published my book, Turning Blue to Blue: How God Used Art to Lift My Depression, in 1 year
  • Option to continue for another 6 months at a 20% discount
  • Lots of fun surprises

The Fine Print

At least weekly personalized assignments and input

Client completes and returns the Initial Questionnaire so that the 30 minute consultation can be done. Once both parties agree, this Agreement is completed. Payment of $597 is then due.

Payment is made by Paypal only

Full refund within first 7 days after signed Agreement

No guarantee of becoming published

Participants may purchase six month workshops for family or friends at a 20% discount

Participants have one year (12 months) to use their 20% discount

“I have had a story in my mind that I wanted to pass onto future generations. I had the words but couldn’t get it down on paper. Having read numerous books and taken more continuing education classes than I care to admit, Tiki made this process so simple that I can’t believe I am actually getting it done! Thank you Tiki for your great gift and insight and helping me pull this out!  If you have ever wanted to get something down on paper…this is the way to go!” – Allison Thorpe


Kartika is committed to helping participants work through the frustrations and confusion of being a writer. Participants are expected to make a six month commitment to their writing and the workshop.

Email me to get started at myblueisblue@yahoo.com