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After an emotional breakdown in December 2011, I chose to re-design my life. I began talk therapy and medication for my life-long battle with depression. I reduced work related stress, reconciled with God, changed my eating and began exercising.

Then God told me to draw. I had never taken an instructional art class. I didn’t think I knew how to draw and reminded God of that. But He reminded me that when He asks something of us, He’s already equipped us to do it. I stepped out on faith and launched My Blue is Blue, LLC in March of 2012. I began drawing with pastel chalks and allowing my mind and life to be changed. Much of the story of that time of transition is told in my autobiography, “Turning Blue to Blue: How God Used Art  to Lift My Depression.”

Now my passion is having honest conversations with Christian women about depression. I focus on the topics of the issues surrounding using medication, managing suicidal thoughts, our relationship with Christ and adopting better coping mechanisms for life’s stressors.

Welcome to the conversation! 

 Here’s an interview for a recent gallery showing: click here! IMG_0773